Over 93% of all Donations go directly to Projects.

Under 7% for admin, fundraising, and salaries.

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We use money from your donations to fund our various projects and causes countrywide.

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Become a Volunteer.

You can get in Torch with us if you intend to join our committed self driven team of volunteers. This can enable you participate directly in all our various projects allover the country.

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Help the poor people.

Help the poor people living in several areas of Uganda by enabling us extend support and assistance to the vulnerable people living in those various respective areas.

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Our mission is to help people by distributing Basic needs and Services Countrywide.

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Help the Homeless & Hungry People.

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Our Charity Causes

If you want to work with Prince Vianey Initiative? Send your Details.

We participate in alot of charity activities some of which are shown below

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Our Mission and Goals

Homeless Charities.

We fight to ensure each person in our community lives above the proper standards of living.

Education Charities.

Education is the key to Sucess and we make sure every child is able to attain it through material and financial support.

Orphans program.

Here we support orpaned children with resources they recquire for their livelihoods. We extend material and financial support to them.

Save the children program

Here we focus on life changing strategies tailored to uplifting children going through chronical illnesses or other bad experiences in life.

Health Program

Here we support children living with HIV, Cancer or any other health complications to find medication and treatment for their conditions.

Sanitary pads program

This is one of our most popular projects where we distribute Sanitary pads to girls living in poor communities.

Single mothers program.

Here we support struggling single mothers with material, moral and financial support to support their livelihoods and that of their children.

Health Charities.

We conduct various advocacy activities against Aids and other diseases. As well we extend financial and medical support to the sick

Food Charities.

We conduct various compagns where we give out food to vulnerable people in the community.

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